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Creating products that avoid landfills and ocean pollutions.

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With international team and partnerships, together we create innovative products for a better & more environment friendly world.

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iQube consists of 3 dimensions. It all starts with Innovation, an idea of what an ecofriendly solution should be. With the intelligence of our engineers and experts we are able to integrate all smart elements for recyclable/renewable and sustainable solutions to fulfill our cooperative mission of being Earth Friendly! Therefore, Innovation, Intelligence ,Integration. That’s IQube spirits!

What We Do

To make a social contribution by increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing our employees' sense of growth, achievement, and presence through our dedication towards work and service.


We innovate by starting with the customer and working backwards that become the touchstone for how we invent.

Intelligence & Integration

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort by integrating it together.

Products & Services

Eco-friendly product is our main goal. Nature is the future! Plus, total product design services.


There is no such thing as " AWAY " When we throw something away , It must go somewhere.

Together we can make these numbers grow faster


Our organization recycle 100 tons of paper everyday. We save 17 tress of every tons of products we produce. And Reduce pollution in the sea by 82 sq ft.

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Frequently Asked Questions


All sustainable materials are considered as our innovative products.


We consider ourselves as ODM as we have design and manufacturing capabilities to support the global market.

Sustainable materials are materials used throughout our consumer and industrial economy that can be produced in required volumes without depleting non-renewable resources and without disrupting the established steady-state equilibrium of the environment and key natural resource systems.  

Global warming is the long-term warming of the planet’s overall temperature. Though this warming trend has been going on for a long time, its pace has significantly increased in the last hundred years due to the burning of fossil fuels. As the human population has increased, so has the volume of fossil fuels burned. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas, and burning them causes what is known as the “greenhouse effect” in Earth’s atmosphere.
The greenhouse effect is a process that occurs when gases in Earth’s atmosphere trap the Sun’s heat. This process makes Earth much warmer than it would be without an atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is one of the things that makes Earth a comfortable place to live.

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions.

 Globally, the average carbon footprint is closer to 4 tons. To have the best chance of avoiding a 2℃ rise in global temperatures, the average global carbon footprint per year needs to drop to under 2 tons by 2050.

We will ensure that we use sustainable materials options and get rid of unnecessary parts to support correct recycling.


We always design products with recycling and Circular eco-system as our core values. Our company continuously develop products with sustainability concept that focuses on and support environmentally friendly disposal & good recycling practices.

Recycling practices

Support Eco-friendly products

Our Brand

Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously


  • Collaboration :ECOPETBOX and IQUBE
  • Experience:9 months
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The future of disposable pet products. Our focus is on producing eco-friendly pet products which make the owners’ lives easier. Using our products, animal lovers have more free time to spend with their pets.


Why Choose Us?

To make a social contribution by increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing our employees' sense of growth, achievement, and presence through our dedication towards work and service. Our aim is to be a company that acts in consideration of the global environment.
  • We seek to unlock the possibility

    Beyond eco-friendly packaging purpose. Your product can transform to paper as well. Think outside of the box!

  • We seek to drive change on large scale

    We are focusing on B2B scale development to make things to become trendy products.

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